Passion for Innovative Change

Professor Susan Kiene has been collaborating with the community in Gombe, Uganda and Gombe Hospital since 2008. They have worked together on public health research on HIV/AIDS, family planning, and malaria. Over the years she has spent a lot of time in Gombe, meeting people who live in the community and learning about their lives; the joys and the struggles. This inspired her to move beyond the research and do something to directly benefit the community. She is struck by seeing women with 6, 7,8, or 9 children who are abused by their husbands. Without a way to earn a living they have no options. Susan believes that teaching women valuable skills enables them to earn a living, help support their families, and ultimately have choices in their life and in their journey of empowerment.

Dr. Lule Haruna is the District Health Officer of Butambala District and the prior Medical Superintendent of Gombe Hospital. Dr. Lule loves this innovative program and helped introduce it to the Gombe community. He guides us in tweaking the program for success. He has served in this area for over 18 years carrying out both administrative and clinical work. He has lived with the people of Butambala for this long and has worked with the communities to address local health problems. Because of his hard work and innovative way of working, he won a Global Health Work Health work force Alliance (GHWA) award in 2013 for the best front line Health worker. He is currently a member of the governing body of the GHWA representing frontline Health workers.

Sandy King has been involved with training and education throughout her entire career. She first taught history and English in the public schools and then transitioned to the corporate world where she was involved with Information Technology Training for more than 45 years in various industries including high tech, manufacturing, banking, insurance and retail. During that time she also founded ADAPT, a non-profit organization for IT training professionals, and ITTC, the Information Technology Training Conference. For 36 of those years, she was also a Lecturer at Northeastern University. Three special projects were highlights in her career: developing/teaching a course in Non-Western Civilization for the Ford Foundation; teaching COBOL within an entry-level programming course for inmates at Walpole State Prison (now Cedar Junction); and presently tutoring English in the Smartstainable program.

Bill Gladwin is a dynamic and efficient professional with experience in communicating with the business, gathering requirements and providing Business Requirements and Functional Specifications. He is a superior mentor and skypes with the ladies in Gombe at 6am EST. Bill is instrumental in helping the ladies learn Internet research. He is always seeking ways to apply process and programming to their rural way of life.

Ruth Sessanga is a women leader in the Gombe community. She has a a collaborative mind set, loves to help people, thrives on innovation and has a passion for positive change. Ruth promotes Smartstainable as a "grassroots program" within the community. Ruth inspires us all as she shares with the community that this program gives knowledge and knowledge is power and power is empowerment.

Tom Snyder established the Smartstainable program by applying Professor Susan's desire to empower women to his passion for training. During his career, he's driven the development of innovative global training programs and continues today to build mobile solutions that change and save lives. He was first introduced to the Gombe community when he implemented a mobile app he wrote for Professor Susan that helped in the diagnosis and treatment of malaria. That first trip changed him forever; he knew then he must use his skills to provide others an opportunity for sustainable positive change.



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