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Our success is based on action as a result of great ideas. We have Sandy King and Bill Gladwin mentoring the ladies based on their action to their question, how can I help?
We have a cool logo from Adam Gooch when he said "let me know if you need anything."
We have a template for writing mobile apps based on an action from Tom Murray who offered it as a tool to help train the ladies.
We welcome your ideas and also please consider mentoring the Smartstainable team through Skype sessions.

Donate today to help give young women an opportunity

Beginning June, 2018, our Smartstainable team of empowered women begin training young ladies who have just graduated from secondary school and are moving on to university or vocation school. Help them by donating through secure Pay Pal.

Smile with Amazon

Our longer term goal is to create a new, secure, sustainable training facility in Gombe. Help us attain that dream by purchasing through Amazon Smile and linking to Smartstainable.

See it for yourself

During his first visit to Gombe, Tom watched a little boy with bare feet carry two large yellow containers of water. The boy struggled and smiled every step of the way. Upon returning to the foothills of Colorado, a brisk Spring morning displayed the glorious snow covered mountains. Even such a beautiful sight as this, it did not compare to the beauty of that little boy and his wonderful smile.

Contact Tom if you would like information on how to visit Gombe. Visit a local school. Maybe even have dinner with a local family. Experience something so beautiful and fill your heart with the love of Gombe. The smiles you see and the love you feel in Gombe will live with you forever.

And be sure to visit the beautiful parks while in Uganda. With your camera and an open heart, this trip may change you forever, and who knows what you'll get to see and what positive ideas you'll get from it.



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