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Empowering Young Rural Women going to College, Trade School and University

Rural women in Uganda often do not get exposed to computers. When they attend university, there are often barriers to success directly related to their lack of prior computer usage. They are expected to create reports and assignments and email them to their professors.

Secondary level teenagers graduate in December of each year. Those entering college and university receive acceptance letters between March and June, and their semesters begin in August/September. Delivering a technology program from January through July fits well within many teenage women's schedules.

Smartstainable launched a pilot technology program in the village of Gombe, Uganda, beginning June, 2018. We used Office 365 as a tool that they will most likely use in college and university. Two rural adult women, whom we had previously attended a Smartstainable program, coordinated the program.

Each teenager developed word and excel documents to reinforce their understanding. Upon review, local coordinators and volunteers in the U.S. provided constant feedback. These teenage girls felt confident and empowered. Nine girls completed the program.

In June 2019, the laptops were stolen. We now seek donations to reignite this program in January 2020.

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During his first visit to Gombe, Tom Snyder watched a little boy with bare feet carry two large yellow containers of water back to his family home. The boy struggled and smiled every step of the way. Upon returning to the foothills of Colorado, a brisk Spring morning displayed the glorious snow covered mountains. Even such a beautiful sight as this, it did not compare to the beauty of that little boy and his wonderful smile.

Contact Tom if you would like information on how our programs work or to help with one of many volunteer opportunities . You'll experience something so beautiful and your heart will be filled with the empowerment you share. The smiles you see and the empowerment you feel will live with you forever.



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