With the help of family and friends, we arrived in Gombe, Uganda on March 17, 2014 with two laptops. We taught four ladies Dropbox, Skype and email so we could provide a way to communicate with them and help them on their journey.

We used Camtasia from Tech Smith to create videos so they could listen to and understand Tom's New York accent - even if they had to watch the video four or five times.

These ladies huddle around a small desk, and share something very special with each other - the feeling of change and empowerment.

Participation via Skype calls with computer professionals globally stirs an amazing positive reaction from all involved.


The Smartstainable ladies engage in efforts that reinforce the training and provide skills to prepare them for future opportunities.

The ladies are encouraged to guide new participants through the learning process.

Training is a passion for Tom Snyder, co-founder of the program and a most highly respected leader in IT training.

Thanks to colleagues at Liberty Mutual Insurance, our training program is improved by using Pluralsight.

Yes, some ladies understand how to create and manipulate data in SQL databases.

Smartstainable mentoring

Knowledge is a path to empowerment

The ladies love to help and mentor each other.

"Great things happen when someone upgrades his/her education. Since I joined this training almost everything in my life changed. I can now talk to different people in different countries via Skype. "

"Learning programming is a great opportunity for a rural woman in Uganda. Imagine Tom and Susan had not been there for me where was this chance. I'm now in a modern world surrounded by computers and internet that I dreamed of. Many thanks to my mentors. "

Smartstainable in Liberia

We opened our hearts and our program to help survivors and caretakers of Ebola in Liberia.

" I never thought I could learn computer skills or other capacity building training based on the stigmatization of Ebola. Today I am one of the Beneficiaries of this training."




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